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  • Attached partners with Phrase to elevate Enterprise Translation Solutions

    Attached, a leading provider of comprehensive localization and language management solutions, is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Phrase, an innovator and leader in enterprise translation and localization technology. This partnership aims to redefine how businesses handle localization and translation, offering clients a powerful and efficient enterprise translation solution. 

    End-to-end localization solutions

    As an experienced provider of comprehensive localization and translation solutions, Attached ensures that your content is not just translated, but also found, understood, liked and even loved by audiences worldwide on any platform. Their holistic approach, combining linguistic, cultural, and technical expertise, sets Attached apart. With custom solutions available in over 35 languages, Attached provides a wide range of services. Among them are website localization, copywriting, transcreation, translation, DTP, subtitling, online visibility optimization (SEO/SEA/SEM), IT and language consulting, AI-enhanced solutions, machine translation with post-editing (MTPE), and CMS and API solutions.

    In partnering with Phrase, Attached now adds an additional layer of innovation for its clients. The Phrase Localization Suite, comprising Phrase TMS and Phrase Strings, is a comprehensive localization platform for the automation, management and translation of content into multiple languages. The suite includes AI-powered machine translation with Phrase Language AI and Phrase Custom AI, no-code workflow automation with Phrase Orchestrator, and robust analytics through Phrase Analytics. Phrase is recognized as an industry leader, offering a user-friendly, and intuitive, end-to-end localization platform with powerful features for any size of business to streamline translation management for clients.

    What are the key benefits?

    Key benefits of leveraging Phrase's platform through Attached include:

    1. Seamless Translation Management: The user-friendly interface and comprehensive features make managing translations effortless.

    2. Comprehensive Integration Capabilities: Over 50 integrations allow clients to seamlessly integrate the Phrase Localization Suite into their tech stack for continuous localization.

    3. Cost and Resource Efficiency: Powerful machine translation, AI enhancements, and automation features help clients save costs and resources while maintaining quality and consistency.

    4. Collaboration and Productivity: Phrase fosters collaboration, boosting productivity through a connected, centralized localization suite adaptable to clients' needs.

    Clients facing challenges such as multilingual content management, frequent content updates, manual tasks, multiple file types and quality and consistency issues will find the Attached-Phrase partnership to be an essential enterprise translation solution.

    Eveline van Sandick, CEO and founder of Attached, is enthusiastic about the partnership, saying, “This collaboration with Phrase represents our further commitment to providing clients with top-tier localization solutions. By combining Attached's expertise with Phrase's cutting-edge technology, our clients will continue to have a smooth enterprise translation experience that allows them to expand their global presence. Phrase has been a part of our toolbox for years already, and this marks a significant step forward.”

    Jason Hemingway, CMO at Phrase commented, “This announcement takes our collaboration with Attached to the next level. Both our teams share a vision of seamless, efficient, and world-class localization solutions for businesses of all sizes. Attached's understanding of global content needs, combined with Phrase's state-of-the-art technology, ensures that our mutual clients receive the best solutions to meet their needs. Together, we continue to set new standards for enterprise translation and localization solutions.”

    Who we are

    About Attached: Attached is a leader in the localization and language management industry, offering a wide range of solutions to help businesses effectively reach global audiences. With a focus on linguistic, cultural and technical expertise, Attached delivers custom solutions in over 35 languages. For further information visit www.attachedglobal.com.

    About Phrase: Phrase is a global leader in cloud-based localization solutions that enables organizations of all sizes to open the door to global business through advanced automation and a broad variety of integrations. The Phrase localization Suite is equipped with the leading translation management system, a specialized platform for software and digital products, and it supports 500+ languages, 50+ file types, 30+ machine translation engines, and 50+ integrations. The enterprise-grade suite enables users to drive growth with a connected ecosystem of tools. Organizations like Uber, Shopify, Volkswagen, and thousands of others trust in Phrase and accelerate their global growth by giving people the content they need, in the language they speak. For further information visit www.phrase.com.

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