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  • New team members in the spotlight

    Attached is happy to welcome our new colleagues, Silvia, Joris, Mihai and Oksana.

    Silvia Carli | Localization Project Manager


    Silvia Carli first came to Attached as an intern because of her strong interest in foreign languages and how people are connected worldwide. Since completing her Master’s degree in Translation, she's joined Attached and hasn’t looked back. She is focused on refining her skills as a Localization Project Manager and to better understand how to approach and convey localization services to different types of industries. Delivering a broad message for everyone yet highlighting the differences between every language, culture and target audience is a balancing act that she enjoys. Silvia recently moved from Italy to the Netherlands, and she jokes, ‘After moving here and trying to learn Dutch, I feel lost in translation sometimes too.’

    Joris de Bruin | Localization Project Manager


    Joris de Bruin joined Attached as a Localization Project Manager to satisfy his curiosity about the world behind languages, cultures and the nuances that involve localizing content for specific audiences. His background is in the study of Oriental languages and how to apply the different elements of communication to a specific culture. This connected him to the world of translation. Joris has a razor-sharp focus on the details of what service best fits a client’s or project’s needs. A surprising fact about Joris is that he also studied nutrition and dietetics and found the course in professional communication applicable to this industry as well. Joris says, ‘The creative and subjective part of localization is like composing a song rather than just making an informative text.’ And he should know… he’s a musician too.

    Mihai Petrescu | Localization Engineer


    Mihai Petrescu is nonstop learning, streamlining, researching and improving anything related to localization and brings a lot of energy to Attached as Localization Engineer. He entered this industry over 10 years ago for the challenge of blending the right words and tone to accurately convey a message in different languages and cultures via software and technology. His plans are ambitious, and he wants to expand his knowledge of machine translation and AI-enhanced solutions in localization and grow as an industry trailblazer. When asked what he likes the most about this industry, Mihai says, ‘I enjoy the collaborative nature of the work, as it involves working with a diverse team of linguists, project managers and other professionals.’

    Oksana Hes | Client Relationship Manager


    Oksana Hes broke into the world of translation early on as a kid in Ukraine by translating Eminem songs from English into Ukrainian. She knew then that she wanted to study and work in the language industry. Now she works at Attached as Client Relationship Manager (and Eminem expert 😊). Her perspective has grown exponentially since those early days, and she strongly believes in the power of partnerships with clients. Her goal is to help them go beyond translation by delving deeper into their industry, so she can provide them a bespoke experience from the inside out. In her many years in localization, Oksana has seen quite an evolution, saying, ‘Now it’s mostly about new technologies that help increase localization quality, and I look forward to working closely with my clients to achieve this.’