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  • Bringing the sunshine

    We would like to warmly welcome 2 new colleagues to the Attached team: Paola Ferrantelli and Fiorella Mantovani!

    Fiorella comes from the south of Italy, so maybe you wonder why she would leave such a sunny place? The answer may seem cliché but holds true for her: she has always had a curiosity and passion about new cultures and learning other languages. Dutch is her next endeavor and still a work in progress.

    This love of culture and language motivated her to study Linguistics and Communication. After receiving her Master’s degree, she moved to the Netherlands for an internship in communication. During this time, she fell in love with the Lowlands and, despite the gray weather, decided to stay. Her career path moved into the digital arena, but her dream to work in a linguistic capacity remained alive.


    “You can imagine how happy I was when I had the chance to work at Attached –from my very first interview I felt it was right! My current professional goal is to succeed in my role and provide both customers and colleagues the best service.”

    Among Fiorella’s other interests are cooking plant-based recipes, swimming, horse riding, long walks and nature. She values her time with friends and family, and she loves animals – so much so that she hopes to adopt a dog one day. Her next personal goal is to travel to another continent.


    Paola also comes from the south of Italy - deep south that is: Sicily!

    She decided to leave her beautiful country about 4 years ago driven by the extreme desire to travel and learn new cultures. With The Netherlands, she says it was love at first sight. During her studies she took part in the Erasmus Program in Leiden, where she fell in love with the picturesque canals, the beautiful Dutch houses and the open-mindedness of this country. So right after her Master's degree in Languages and Literature she moved permanently to The Netherlands to start a new chapter of her life.



    “I never stopped dreaming to work in a more linguistic area. So I'm very happy to start a new job in line with my academic background now. It’s a dream that finally comes true!”

    She started her career in Tourism and Hospitality, upon which her career path moved to the digital field. Her current professional goal is to gain experience in the localization industry, learning and developing. With Attached, she looks forward to discovering the whole field of LPM work after which she can decide what she finds most interesting as a specific direction for her career.

    Her personal goal is to travel around the world, learning about life while exploring new things. It excites her to visit new places, learn about different cultures, and see other people live a life that is different from hers. In her free time she enjoys doing sport, especially pole dancing and going for a walk, or going for a hike in the nature. Sometimes she enjoys just lying on a couch, reading a good book, watching a good movie, or listening to some music. On weekends, it's all about doing short trips or spending time with friends and family. She is not a cat person, she says, but now lives with two kittens… what you don’t do for love!

    Thanks, Fiorella and Paola, for bringing the sunshine with you and brightening up the office !